Biography of a brave soldier- Major Sinha

Biography of a brave soldier

An independent cheap whose dream is shattered by a bullet, July 31, 2020. The countrymen get shocked during the news. A brave soldier was killed. He Sacrifice his life for patriotism.  Major Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan A role model, a Strong personality and an interesting example for today’s generation. After completing his training Sinha told his mother “I am not your only son now, I am also the motherland’s son”.

After retirement from army sinha Started filming documentaries. Major Sinha decided to record the fascinating picture of Cox’s Bazar in his travel diary.
The extrajudicial killings,Corruption and land grabbing of OC Pradap and SI Liaquat can be heard. As a defender of justice, Sinha started gathering information with the locals without any delay. As soon as OC Pradeep got this news, he decided to kill Sinha and his team members in cold blood.

Sinha’s murder sparked nationwide condemnation as the killers were powerful police officers. The common people thought that they might be acquitted. Some learned courts sentenced the guilty to death after a hearing on 31 January 2022.

Born in Rangamati, the boy had a fiery temper from childhood. Sinha is known as Adnan in his family name.

An insatiable wandeimpenetrable up with Sinha when he was in the seventh standard and he wanted to visit the Himalayas. Sinha’s elder sister said that from his childhood till his death he did not negative comment on the ccountry.

He was a wonderful person as a family member and friend.

He has proved himself in Debate competitions at the national level.

As a professional commando, Sinha was able to fire 8 rounds in just 05 seconds. Moreover, he was ready to face the enemy in any situation.

He was in charge of VIP security for professional duties as an SSF member. The force which provides maximum security to His Excellency the President and the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Major Sinha received “Presidential Sword” and honor from Hon’ble Prime Minister for his outstanding contribution and efficiency in professional duties.

As an army wing former cadet sargent I had the opportunity to interact with many military person. many of whom knew Major Sinha as he was well known for his perfect aim and impenetrable aim.

He was able to catch any unusual moment around him due to his eagle-Eye vision. His keen senses enabled him to control any situation but his hopes and dreams remained unfulfilled.

Sinha was only 36. All his dreams were shattered  by a bullet. Physically fit Sinha had the opportunity of advanced training and  Colorful life. As he was in the military and that was what inspired him and his dream was to bring out the beauty of Bangladesh in the exploration.

Reason I like him is because of his thoughts, I find my thoughts in his work. This nation has lost a hero. I believe that thousands more heroes will be born in this Bengal to protect this country.

Data collection and report:
MD Rakibul Islam Chy.


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